Top Health Systems
Lead the Pack in 2023 with
Interoperability Investments


According to a recent report by Health Gorilla, 57% of technology leaders at the country’s largest health systems said they’re investing more money into interoperability initiatives in 2023 than they did last year.  This survey of CIOs and CMIOs shows 2023 will see many healthcare organizations implement innovative data frameworks to strengthen their interoperability strategies, and achieve better health outcomes at reduced costs.

A key component to improving interoperability is participating in a health information exchange, providing health organizations with a wealth of data.  But are health systems taking full advantage of this data with a modern data framework and analytics platform?

Many data and analytics legacy solutions in healthcare are failing to adapt to these new demands, and updating them can come with long, complicated implementations, plus unpredictable ROI and time to market.  Enter WellStack, a proven, well-tested big data management and analytics solution built to help providers, payers and quality collaboratives uncover opportunities to improve quality of care, lower their costs and manage risk contracts.

WellStack’s configurable, low-code/no-code data framework allows for rapid ingestion and integration of any healthcare data in any format, with visual mapping at low cost, low effort and no new technology development.  This provides healthcare organizations with a single source of truth that enables sound enterprise-wide decision-making.

WellStack also offers ready to go analytics with out-of-the-box library reports and metrics, helping health systems implement value-based care initiatives rapidly. Plus, users with varying technical skills can access data for building reports thanks to the low-code/no-code platform, driving more insights from more departments.

2023 will see significant investments in interoperability from the country’s leading health systems, forcing others to catch up.  Be sure to fully leverage your technology assets with a solution that can be implemented within weeks or months, not years.

To learn more about how WellStack can help you achieve your interoperability goals in 2023, please feel free to schedule a brief introductory meeting.

A comprehensive solution must meet these essential components:

  • Codeless ingestion of data from varied sources
  • Workflow based data management, quality, and governance
  • Tokenization of data and patient matching solution
  • Seamless data model management and adopt to change to sources
  • Multichannel and on demand data access
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Codeless analytics for citizen data scientist

Our team at WellStack has been able to demonstrate all of these components and achieve a rapid data analytics rollout, as shown in our recent implementation of WellStack for a state-level clinical data aggregator.  The WellStack platform offers healthcare organizations a proven, well-tested big data management and analytics solution built to help uncover opportunities for improving patient care, lowering costs and managing risk contracts.

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