Build a comprehensive and trusted Data Platform with your enterprise data

WellStack’s data analytics platform helps healthcare systems rapidly develop a unified data foundation, which enables better decision-making through collaboration tools and accessible analytics.

Power high-value initiatives with better data and improved data literacy


Establish a single source of truth with unified data formats

Unified data formats and standard data models help achieve deep interoperability across the care continuum.


Continuous improvement in customer experience

Focus on delivering personalized experience using advanced analytics to unlock insights and drive meaningful patient interactions.

Streamline data platforms & management

Improve data latency with robust ingestion and integration. Real-time data exchange and integration.


Drive outcome effectiveness

Accelerated transition to value-based care, focus on the right utilization with care effectiveness.



Digitization and analytics to unlock new gains in productivity and quality of care delivery (e.g. AI-based condition detection advance virtual care, mobile based physician portals, etc.)


Deep interoperability

Streamline interconnectedness across the care continuum.

Consolidate and standardize fragmented data in one concentrated place

Healthcare organizations spend countless hours building “homegrown” solutions for rationalizing and integrating enterprise data between various source systems, but the process to construct a unified data management solution is cumbersome and results are often costly and underwhelming.

With WellStack, data management doesn’t have to be a chore. We enable customers with a single source of truth for enterprise data—so that they can confidently take business and clinical decisions in affordable investment.

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Build from The Ground up
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Build from The Ground up

Longer gestational time –
Custom-built cloud data platforms can take years to develop. The more customization, the longer it takes to gain value

Time to Value
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Within months of partnering with WellStack, the data platform can integrate data from multiple data sources, can be personalized and provide insights—delivering rapid ROI.

The WellStack platform is a tool customized for healthcare data integration, aggregation and normalization. It’s no different from using any ETL tool, but enhanced to offer you accelerated go-to-market advantages.

Build from The Ground up

Custom data platform requires experts, technologists with niche skill or specialized partners

Build Using

Combo of Tech + Expertise that may not be available in-house. Dedicated customer success roles for seamless communication and collaborations. Additionally, any dependencies can be reduced by training client-side staff to self-manage it.

Build from The Ground up

Custom solution offers unlimited flexibility, which can escalate the complexity of the build.

Flexibility & Scope

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Data strategies that evolve secure data collection & extensive integration ecosystem enables the WellStack platform to be ‘plug & play’ with minimal engineering for adding new data sources.

Since your core competency is care delivery, a third-party dependency on a reliable technology infrastructure will not challenge valuation, in fact it may provide you further ability to leverage your core competencies to focus on increasing the lifetime value of a patient and retention of that patient.

Build from The Ground up

Custom data platform must factor other costs such as the hosting costs, license fees, resource allocation, etc.

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The unified data platform will have a lower TCO with WellStack managing the compliance & compatibility issues leading to accelerated implementation.

Build from The Ground up

Provision for contingency funds</span in case the project goes over budget

Managing Budget

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The platform is delivered in an outcome-based model. Payment is only after deliverables are completed and accepted.

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Outcomes Influenced

Stronger and Matured Analytics Drives Excellence

Business and Operations Excellence

Engagement Excellence

Quality Excellence

Research Excellence