Achieve Data-Driven Insights with Augmented Low-code Solutions

Over last decade, data engineering and analytics have dramatically transformed, allowing organizations the ability to process massive amount of data volumes and generate deep insights.  Many healthcare organizations have adopted these innovations in order to achieve their operational goals of trustable data, insights, and visualization.  While these organizations have achieved some success in becoming more data- and insight-driven, the speed and cost of these efforts have not been sustainable.

To solve this, data analytics leaders have been devising strategies to speed up the journey to analytics and bring in a more cohesive approach for businesses to generate their own insights.  The best strategy they’ve found is when data and analytics platforms are implemented using augmented low-code solutions.

Compared to the traditional approach of ETL or script-based solutions, a metadata-driven, UI-based configurable platform for data acquisition, integration and distribution can drastically accelerate time to analytics.  The UI-based configurable solution also brings agility and the ability to adapt to changing source formats, adding new sources, and rapidly integrate new data assets.

Many organizations have tried implementing metadata-driven solutions, however those efforts haven’t been comprehensive enough to achieve end-to-end solutions.  The ideal solution design has to be fit for purpose, reduce the total cost of ownership, increase user adoption and improve its ease of use.

A comprehensive solution must meet these essential components:

  • Codeless ingestion of data from varied sources
  • Workflow based data management, quality, and governance
  • Tokenization of data and patient matching solution
  • Seamless data model management and adopt to change to sources
  • Multichannel and on demand data access
  • End-to-end traceability
  • Codeless analytics for citizen data scientist

Our team at WellStack has been able to demonstrate all of these components and achieve a rapid data analytics rollout, as shown in our recent implementation of WellStack for a state-level clinical data aggregator.  The WellStack platform offers healthcare organizations a proven, well-tested big data management and analytics solution built to help uncover opportunities for improving patient care, lowering costs and managing risk contracts.

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