Empower™ Patient Portal & Engagement Suite

A single patient engagement suite and digital front door for healthcare providers, payers, ACOs and more.

All patient records in one location.

Empower™ is a unified patient engagement solution configured to meet your specific requirements across the care continuum. It enables providers to create and execute digital clinical engagement campaigns, which will in turn help drive organizational financial performance and quality outcomes. Our solution is centered around patient and family outreach across care settings—from managing ambulatory sensitive conditions and between-the-visits care to post-acute care.


ONC-Certified Patient Portal


Targeted Campaigns


Assessments & Surveys


Communication & Collaboration



How It Works

With a library of more than 50 interfaces, Empower extracts data from EMRs, scheduling, lab, and payment information systems. The solution integrates and links data by leveraging our AI-driven patient matching system (eMPI). Empower delivers comprehensive health information to patients and offers them the ability to securely communicate with clinicians and care management staff.

Why Empower™

Increase Engagement

Healthcare specific extensible data models and late binding of critical code values to easily accommodate new data sources and new business logic

Physician-Patient Bond

Purpose driven curated data channels including AI ready channel for analysts and researchers, simplifying report development and data analysis

Achieve PI Stage 3

Out-of-the-box library of reports and metrics for ACO, MIPS/MACRA, Outcome with a no-code metric builder to implement value-based care initiatives rapidly

Prevent Hospitalizations

Built-in data governance and superior quality management, patient matching, and identify management tools to ensure data is accurate, complete and consistent

Improve Outcomes

Unlimited scalability, flexibility and low cost of ownership that reduces business cycle time for implementing new use case by 85%

Patient Satisfaction

Augmented Low-Code/No-Code Platform with drag-and-drop management tools can ingest and integrate any data in any format in accelerated timelines

A mobile-friendly solution that proactively engages patients to take an active role in managing their health.

Patient Portal

An enterprise, EMR-agnostic patient portal and API technology that gives patients a comprehensive view of their medical records regardless of how many back-end systems are used to house their health data.

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Empower enables organizations to stratify, monitor, engage and influence patients’ health choices and behaviors between encounters and beyond.

Targeted Educational Campaigns
and Population Health

Empower provides patients and families the information and tools they need to achieve their health and wellness goals. When integrated with Navigate, our population health management solution, Empower makes it easier to segment populations, launch automated educational campaigns, for the care teams to engage patients in their personalized care plan – positively influencing health decisions and behavior between visits.

Capture, use, share patient-generated data to better manage health and improve patient-provider bonds.

Assessments and Surveys

The more you know about a patient’s social determinants, the better engaged they are.

Pre-appointment surveys to know what challenges patients face (e.g., transportation, medication affordability)

Intuitive presentation of patient goals and care barriers at the point of care

Brief, post-visit satisfaction surveys

Standard assessments such as SF-20, SF-36 or build your own surveys

Point-of-care integration

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A centralized platform that bridges the gaps in communication between patient and care community

Enterprise Unified Communication and Collaboration

Secure bi-directional communication via text or email from any device

Exchange secure messages and information with care teams

Request a prescription renewal, referral or appointment

Help patients learn more about their conditions with personalized health content

Share information among the care community

Stay on track with automated reminders

Integrated tracking tools

A mobile-friendly solution that proactively engages patients to take an active role in managing their health.

Provider Portal

Intuitive, comprehensive view of patient information – extracted, aggregated from multiple back-end systems

One-stop shop for host health organization and affiliated physicians and their staff to access patient information

Primary access point for non-physicians, non-credentialed physicians, and post-acute care facilities

Scheduling/order facilitator

Secured communication for better collaboration across the care continuum

Role-based security and audits

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Featured Case Study

The implementation of a unified patient portal with data from disparate systems gives patients a single place to access their patient information.

Since 2011, WellStack has partnered with a large health system in Florida on various patient engagement initiatives using its Empower patient portal. Learn how WellStack brought harmony to a complex technology ecosystem that includes four different EMRs and a lab system, now unified under a single enterprise patient portal for over one million patients.

Ready to see what Empower™ can do for your patients?